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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Walking Shoes

The best way to enjoy your stay in Italy is to keep your feet happy! Here are two highly recommended brands for good walking shoes: Merrells or Ecco.
When I walked 12 miles one day in Rome, I was wearing my Pesaro Merrell sandals and my legs and feet felt great, maybe a little sweaty, but hey that’s to be expected. They come in all colors!
Another brand of sandals was recommended by my well-traveled friend, Virginia. Ecco sandals:
“We bought our ‘Offroad’ Ecco sandals at Brown's Shoe Store. At full retail of $125, I felt after wearing them for one day in Italy that they were a bargain. We wore them everywhere and hardly took them off. They are so comfortable. And I wore them all summer too. They still look practically new and I know I'll be able to wear them for years. I have a pair of Merrells, but these were really a whole new level in comfort.”

Do you have any suggestions based on your experiences walking long distances? Please share your comments.


  1. Merrels get my vote too! I took a pair to Bali, and wore them every day for a month( actually I did wear flip-flops at the beach!)We hiked mountains, volcanoes, dusty roads and lanes, rice paddies, river beds,rock pools, dusted them off and wore them to restaurants. Supremely comfortable, and kind, even relaxing, to the feet. Light weight but loads of support.
    Next time I may go wild and get a lime green pair!! Marie

  2. Marie,
    Thanks for your comment. I did wear the lime green ones and had capri pants to match! You could see me coming, but my feet were feeling good. I also had black Pesaro Merrells, and cream colored ones that go between your big toe. Those were a little 'dressier' but not much, and just as comfortable as the Pesaro's.

  3. Make sure that you are all geared up for some good walking. It will ensure you comfort and safety.